Please Pray or Think Healing Thoughts For My Dad Who Is Going To Have Dangerous Surgery Today by Ralph Zuranski

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I need your prayers or positive thoughts for my dad, Ralph Zuranski.

He is in critical situation. A major artery in his abdomen is ready to
burst. If it is not repaired, he has only a short time to live.

The surgeons want to do a high risk surgery on him today in
hopes of repairing the artery in time. His heart is not in good shape.

It will take a miracle for him to survive.

I love my dad. He is my hero and inspired the “In Search Of
Heroes Program” that is designed to honor the heroes in our lives.

The goal is to help young people realize the moms, dads,
grandparents, relatives, friends, teachers, coaches
and individuals that help others unselfishly are the real heroes.

They do not get the credit they deserve for helping and
inspiring others on a daily basis.

Dad had a massive stroke in June of last year that paralyzed him on one side.
Janet and I moved from Dallas to San Diego to provide 24-7 care
for him and my mom who suffered a catastrophic illness a few months

After almost 17 months of taking care of them, their end is
near. But, we want to do everything we can to prolong their lives
for a few more precious moments.

That is why I am emailing you. Your prayers and positive
thoughts are my dad’s only hope.

I apologize if this email reached you by mistake and that I did not
have time to make this email more personal.

Sincerely yours,
Ralph Zuranski

PS Thank you for your help. I pray you have a great Thanksgiving
and have the opportunity to cherish your time with those special
individuals in your life.