Discover Your Secret Inner Hero Or Heroine

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In difficult times, your survival and prosperity and that of your spouse and kids depends on everyone’s’ ability to discover, embrace and empower their own personal Hero or Heroine. You need your INNER HERO to help you  achieve your dreams. Below are links to the individual parts of the Heroes Family Training Bootcamp.

Part 1 Introduction of Ralph Zuranski by Rhea Perry
Part 2 Ralph describes why your heroes journey is your most powerful marketing strategy.
Part 3 Ralph explains why you must use your Heroes story to sell your products and services.
Part 4 Ralph describes the attributes of your left brain personality.
Part 5 Ralph explains the amazing value that comes from developing your right brain persona.
Part 6 Ralph explains the creativity war between Microsoft, IBM and Apple.
Part 7 Captain Biorhythm’s costume is a test of your brain hemisphere dominance and integration.
Part 8 Captain Biorhythm describes the war being waged daily in your brain.
Part 9 Captain Biorhythm encourages you to become friends with yourself and love both of your personas.
Part 10 Captain Biorhythm teaches you how to discover, embrace and empower your secret inner hero or heroine.
Part 11 Captain Biorhythm describes the secret brain and body integration awareness TAPEWORM program.
Part 12 Captain Biorhythm relates how he used biorhythm awareness to achieve optimal performance in the fitness and tennis.
Part 13 Captain Biorhythm explains the history of biorhythms and how he cut accidents and injuries to zero in the skateboard industry back in the late 1970s.