Explanation Of In Search Of Heroes Program

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Why Every Community Can Benefit From an Local “In Search Of Heroes Program.”
 Rise up Heroes and Heroines! The world needs you NOW! This is the motto of the “In Search Of Heroes Program.”

Students are ideal candidates to search for the answers to the following questions:
1. What is your definition of a Hero?
2. Who are the Heroes in your life now?
3. How do people become heroes?
4. Who do you feel are the real-life heroes in our society today that are not getting the recognition and rewards they deserve?
5. Why are Heroes so important in the lives of young people?
6. What are the things parents can do that will help their children realize they too can be Heroes and make a positive impact on the lives of others?

Everyone benefits when these questions are answered by students, teachers and parents.
One of the primary goals of the program is for students to realize their parents, teachers, neighbors, friends, family members, coaches, spiritual and community service leaders are the real Heroes. These individuals are the unsung Heroes of our world.

They are HEROES Who (H)elp (E)nthusiastically, (R)esponsibly, (O)ptimistically (E)xceptionally (S)ocially and/or (S)piritually.
Young people when they realize professional athletes, musicians and movie stars may not be the best role models.

Students have open minds, genius potential and free time.
They have the ability to evaluate ideas and information about different people and other cultures without being opinionated and judgmental.

The “In Search Of Heroes Program” provides students with the opportunity to learn the importance and value of:
1. Developing leadership skills and personal integrity
2. Using their full mental and physical potential
3. Helping and respecting others
4. Individual responsibility and hard work
5. Recognizing outstanding individuals in society who help others
6. Focusing on the positive things people do rather than the negative
7. Advancing international understanding and goodwill

The “In Search Of Heroes Program” promotes good news by focusing on positive and uplifting ideas, actions and activities.
Good news, a positive attitude, heroic role models and adequate preparedness counter the harmful effects of FEAR. Many people are afraid. Wars, threats of war, terrorism, killer plagues, famine, starvation, poverty, financial catastrophe and violence.

FEAR, is False Evidence Appearing Real.
It is an aggressive cancer eating away at our desire for peace and harmony. Personal and community preparedness is a wise decision.

Being prepared in advance for catastrophic events is one of the best solutions available for eliminating fear.
There are potential solutions to every personal, environmental, financial and sociological problem. The Boy Scout motto, “Be prepared!” is valuable advice for every person.

Experts believe every community should develop a preparedness support structure before natural or man-made catastrophes occur.
Numerous reports identify the problems we are all facing in the 21st century.

Every community needs to realize:
A. Every event is local.

B. Local authorities and medical providers will be the first responders.
C. The military health resources are specifically for the support of the military.
D. With the “War On Terrorism,” most if not all resources are allocated to troops nationally and internationally.
E. Resources available for local events will be small, if at all, and time-delayed.
F. The military is forbidden by the constitution to be involved in the public arena unless help is requested by the mayor or governor.
G. The primary solutions from orthodox medicine are antibiotics, vaccines and quarantine.
H. Quarantine is the primary solution. Stocks of antibiotics and vaccines are very limited at this time and imported from foreign countries, specifically China.
I. For many organisms used in biological warfare, there are no vaccines available.
J. Antibiotics do not work on viral infections.
K. Current small pox vaccines are unproven against weaponized strains of smallpox.
L. If the event is of a contagious nature, many of the first responders will become infected and need treatment.

M. They will be the majority of the initial casualties.
N. The treatment sites will become hot zones that accelerate the local spread of infections.
O. Trained individuals will be necessary to help provide crucial support.
P. There are no governmental plans at this time for local training programs for parents and individuals.
Q. Communities must create their own support systems.
R. The greatest hope is for people to build up their immune systems.
S. There is a severe need for local doctors and community leaders to be active in an internet-based early warning system for health officials locally, nationally and internationally.

Community and family-based disaster preparedness programs are valuable.
Every community should have a comprehensive disaster plan in effect as soon as possible. Leaders and those willing to put “service above self” should be identified and organized into an effective community support system.

The “In Search Of Heroes Program” provides the perfect opportunity to:
1. Identify leaders
2. Publicize Heroes willing to make a positive difference in the lives of others
3. Train young people to be leaders

Experts agree that natural and man-made disasters are potential threats to every community.
Imagine the peace of mind you would experience when you and your community prepared for any disruptive event? Just think how good you will feel when there is a well-oiled, comprehensive survival plan already in place…ready to be activated at a moment’s notice.

The best time for preparedness is before disruptive events occurs. The “In Search Of Heroes Program” teaches high school and college students how to:
1. Prepare their community to effectively deal with any major disruptive event before it occurs.
2. Coordinate local government officials, the business community, medical professionals, civic leaders, service organizations, schools, local newspapers and television and radio stations using the major means of communication including E-mail, websites, faxes and personal phone calls.
3. Help their community to thrive physically, emotionally and financially before and after any unfortunate event.

Local experts are an important part of the “In Search Of Heroes Program.”
Local experts in a wide range of fields will teach students the secrets of success, how to become local leaders and how to use free resources on the internet.

Students will:
1. Recognize their own heroic potential within their own minds by discovering and utilizing the full abilities of the different parts of the brain, especially the right and left brain hemispheres.
2. Become the ultimate brain-balanced problem solvers through the use of mind-mapping techniques and the Mozart Effect (brain integrating music).
3. Develop the attitude of service above self, encourage other students to follow in their footsteps by building goodwill, better friendships and high ethical standards, modeled after the 4-way pledge, the foundation of the Rotary organization.
4. Use the Internet to communicate with a local, national and global network of community volunteers.
5. Develop community service projects that address today’s most critical issues.
6. Promote understanding and peace through local, national and international humanitarian, educational and cultural programs.
7. Create and implement necessary business systems:
A. Asset Protection through the use of a LLP, LLC or a corporation
B. Legal requirements of their business activities
C. Accounting Principles to determine the profitability of their program

D. Income tax payments that are exactly the correct amount
E. Wealth management so the profits can be invested wisely
F. Learn how to use:
1. Mind-mapping software that stores files in your Google Drive folder. It transforms information into a format that is easy for people to understand. Colorful mind-maps use words, colors, symbols and pictures to provide a brain-integrated overview.
2. Google Slides that uses words, pictures, movies, charts and animation to create slide shows that provide more detail in a form that appeals to whole brain processing.
3. Google Docs that creates outlines that are detailed and very specific with information that appeals to the linear, word-focused left brain.
4. Google Sheets, a spreadsheet online software, that helps them keep track of the entire program in their community.
5. Google Calendar that helps you keep track of your schedule of events and interviews.
6. Google+, Youtube and Hangouts that allows them to upload, edit and store and promote Heroes interviews and events internationally.
7. Google Gmail that you with email services and Google Drive storage.
8. Also, the benefits of using Google Apps for Educational instructions and non-profits will be explored.
9. Hootsuite that allows you to automate the dissemination of your online work to three of your social media sites.

The “In Search Of Heroes Program” generates income to fund the program, activities, equipment, software, training and travel through viral marketing and existing affiliate programs of major companies.
A. Affiliate marketing is the opportunity for all “In Search Of Heroes Programs” internationally to market the products of different companies through E-mail, social media sites and their own website, in exchange for a small commission.
B. This technique is an effective tool that generates millions of dollars of income annually for thousands of individuals and companies.
C. When a person visits any “In Search Of Heroes” website, the site generates income on every sale of software, computer hardware, peripherals, E-Books, music CDs or cassettes, videos, business and personal products, services, etc, through embedded affiliate links.
D. Students generate income for themselves and their local ISOH Program by creating and marketing their own E-books through their local ISOH website.
E. When students create educational products, that incorporate mind-mapping and super-learning techniques, other students will leap at the opportunity to learn what they need to know in the fastest, most enjoyable way possible.
F. The potential market is huge. E-books can be sold internationally to other students through Amazon.
G. As students learn how to create and market products online through websites and social media sites, they become valuable resources for local businesses who must have an internet presence to compete effectively now and in the future.
H. Local business will hire students to create effective websites and social media campaigns through Facebook, Twitter and Google Adwords that market their products and services to the world.
I. When local communities increase their online businesses, the world becomes their marketplace.
J. Families can create their own online business that generates valuable additional income.
K. Inner city communities, where shoppers fear to tread, can be revitalized from within through home-based businesses that generate much needed income.
L. As students learn how to take advantage of internet marketing opportunities, their potential for generating personal income effectively competes with the income from selling drugs, prostitution and theft.
M. The risk of violence, death and incarceration are eliminated when they take advantage of the wealth generating opportunities available through the Internet.

Local service clubs and chamber of commerce members, teachers, business people, religious leaders, etc. work together to administer their local “In Search Of Heroes Program.”

Service Clubs, business, churches, schools and individuals will:
1. Raise the initial funds required to purchase the “In Search Of Heroes Program.”
2. Use their tablets, smartphones and laptops to shoot the videos of local heroes and write articles about heroism.
3. Take advantage of the free video editing software on Google Youtube to edit and add music.
4. Coordinate the high school and/or college journalism and multi-media classes with the local media and businesses.
5. Judge the best “In Search Of Heroes” newspaper articles, magazines, videos and websites for cash prizes from corporate sponsors at the city, national and international levels.
6. Maintain a local “In Search Of Heroes” Hall of Fame that publicizes the results of each year’s program for the purposes of inspiration and education of students and the general public.
7. Coordinate a local community disaster preparedness program that focuses on training parents and children how to survive natural and man-made catastrophes.

The entire program will be coordinated internationally by Gator Management LLC, the parent legal entity of the “In Search Of Heroes” Program. 

This corporation will:
A. Pursue funding from local, national and international corporations and charitable foundations that support positive social programs.
B. Create all the course lessons in “Adobe PDF” formats, using the latest brain integrated learning techniques.
C.Some of the tools required are: templates for the heroes cards for the students, heroes, and those who help out with the program, letters requesting interviews with potential heroes, website pages, potential questions, sample newspaper articles, etc.
C. Promote locally, nationally and internationally individuals, service clubs, groups and businesses participating in the ISOH Programs.
D. Provide hosting for the websites of all the students involved.
E. Develop the master affiliate link program that best serves each community.
F. Create a “How-To Manual” and FAQ pages that are easily downloadable from the “In Search Of Heroes” website.
G. Construct and deliver a monthly newsletter promoting the program and those organizations and individuals deserving of recognition.
H. Create an autoresponder system that immediately answers questions, provides support materials and channels email to the correct parties for timely response.
I. Host monthly online conferences where the most important questions of the participants are answered by experts in each arena. Online questionnaires sent through E-mail will identify the topics for each conference.

The “In Search Of Heroes Program” benefits every citizen in any community. 

The social value of answering the Heroes’ questions inestimable to the survival and prospering of any community.
1. What is your definition of a Hero?
2. Who are the Heroes in your life now?
3. How do people become heroes?
4. Who do you feel are the real-life heroes in our society today that are not getting the recognition and rewards they deserve?
5. Why are Heroes so important in the lives of young people?
6. What are the things parents can do that will help their children realize they too can be Heroes and make a positive impact on the lives of others?

The understanding of true heroism and identification of those deserving of recognition as Heroes are critical for the survival of humanity. When Heroes “Rise up and inspire others!” all members of society have the models they need to become better people and problem solvers.