Family HEROES Interviews Features Kyle W Eberlein Asking His Dad The Heroes Questions

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In Search Of Heroes Program International

Why Every Community Can Benefit From A Local “In Search Of HEROES Program”!

“Rise up HEROES and Heroines! The world needs you NOW!” This is the motto of the “In Search Of HEROES Program”.

Everyone benefits when these questions are answered by students, teachers and parents. One of the primary goals of the “In Search Of HEROES Program” is for students to realize their parents, teachers, neighbors, friends, family members, coaches, spiritual and community service leaders are the real HEROES. These individuals are the unsung HEROES of our world. They are HEROES who (H)elp (E)nthusiastically, (R)esponsibly, (O)ptimistically (E)xceptionally (S)ocially and/or (S)piritually. Young people benefit when they realize professional athletes, musicians and movie stars may not be the best role models.

Students are ideal candidates to search for answers to the following questions:

1. What is your definition of a Hero?
2. Who are the HEROES in your life now?
3. How do people become HEROES?
4. Who do you feel are the real-life HEROES in our society today that are not getting the recognition and rewards they deserve?
5. Why are HEROES so important in the lives of young people?
6. What are the things parents can do that will help their children realize they too can be HEROES and make a positive impact on the lives of others?

Students have open minds, genius potential and free time. They have the ability to evaluate ideas and information about different people and other cultures without being opinionated and judgmental. The “In Search Of HEROES Program” provides students with the opportunity to learn the importance and value of:
1. Developing leadership skills and personal integrity
2. Using their full mental and physical potential
3. Helping and respecting others
4. Individual responsibility and hard work
5. Recognizing outstanding individuals in society who help others
6. Focusing on the positive things people do rather than the negative
7. Advancing international understanding and goodwill

The “In Search Of HEROES Program” promotes good news by focusing on positive and uplifting ideas, actions and activities. Good news, a positive attitude, heroic role models and adequate preparedness counter the harmful effects of FEAR. Many people are afraid! Wars, threats of war, terrorism, killer plagues, famine, starvation, poverty, financial catastrophe and violence have a negative impact on every family and society.

The “In Search Of HEROES Program” provides the perfect opportunity to:
1. Identify leaders
2. Publicize HEROES willing to make a positive difference in the lives of others
3. Train young people to be leaders

Students learn how to use:
1. Mind-mapping software that stores files in your Google Drive folder. It transforms information into a format that is easy for people to understand. Colorful mind-maps use words, colors, symbols and pictures to provide a brain-integrated overview.
2. Google Slides that uses words, pictures, movies, charts and animation to create slide shows that provide more detail in a form that appeals to whole brain processing.
3. Google Docs that creates outlines that are detailed and very specific with information that appeals to the linear, word-focused left brain.
4. Google Sheets, a spreadsheet online software, that helps them keep track of the entire program in their community.
5. Google Calendar that helps you keep track of your schedule of events and interviews.
6. Google+, Youtube and Hangouts that allows them to upload, edit and store and promote HEROES interviews and events internationally.
7. Google Gmail that you with email services and Google Drive storage.
8. Also, the benefits of using Google Apps for Educational instructions and non-profits will be explored.
9. Hootsuite that allows you to automate the dissemination of your online work to three of your social media sites.
The “In Search Of HEROES Program” generates income to fund the program, activities, equipment, software, training and travel through viral marketing and existing affiliate programs of major companies.

The understanding of true heroism and identification of those deserving of recognition as HEROES are critical for the survival of humanity. When HEROES “Rise up and inspire others!” all members of society have the models they need to become better people and problem solvers.