My Car Gave Its Life That I Might Survive! by Ralph Zuranski

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“Silver Belle” gave her life that I might live.

The tow to Ocean Beach, “The Land Of OB,” was uneventful but a gigantic relief. The unbearable heat, extreme anxiety and fear of not getting home were now dim memories. The trip was definitely one of the worst trials of my life, but also one of the most enlightening.

Janet rejoiced as she gave me a big hug and then covered my neck and face with tender kisses.
She had cried most of the day. Her fear I would not make it home alive was overwhelming. Her prayers had seeded the clouds of heaven causing God’s mercy and blessings to rain down on my trials and tribulations…cooling the heat, calming my fears and strengthening my resolve. When I found out how many people were praying for my safe arrival, I was amazed.

A good night’s sleep was a dream come true.
As incredible as the trip seemed, it was still very hard to realize this particular crisis was finally over. Sleep was a sweet conclusion to a trip from HELL. Never again would I make a long trip in such hot temperatures. Driving a car that only had a hope and prayer of surviving was insane. In retrospect, “What in the world was I thinking?”

Sunday was a wonderful day of rest, visiting my dad and trying an amazing healing technique called “Jin Shin Jyutsu,” recommended by my dear friend Craig Brockie, a fellow health researcher.
Dad appeared to be in pretty bad shape when I visited him on Sunday. Janet and I started applying energy balancing techniques from the book “The Touch Of Healing” by Alice Burmeister with Tome Monte. After reading the book on my trip, it was astounding how the techniques matched the other energy balancing methods from a wide range of cultures.

The energy balancing techniques seemed to make a subtle change at the beginning…then the beneficial changes accelerated.
Each time we visited dad, we secretly placed a “Life Field Polarizer” on his chest to balance out the entire body’s energy system. Then we followed the steps in the “Touch Of Healing” book with amazing results. Dad seemed more alert and his swallowing reflex began to work. His mental processes improved dramatically.

The techniques in “The Touch Of Healing” were rediscovered by health researcher Jiro Murai.
He is a descendant of a long line of Japanese medical doctors. He was very sick most of his life. At the age of 26, Doctors considered him incurable. They considered him terminally ill…not long for this world. His study of techniques to balance energy were perfected through trial and error.

Of course, we were very skeptical of the therapy called “Jin Shin Jyutsu,” but were impressed with the results.
While on my trip, I tried the different balancing techniques. My body responded amazingly. Tiredness, muscle spasms and pain seemed to disappear in a few minutes of applying the simple energy balancing techniques.

When dad started improving dramatically, it blew Janet’s and my mind.
What could I say except, “Jin Shin Jyutsu works! Why not try it on yourself. Your loved ones who are suffering may benefit like my dad.”

The great news is that no specific spiritual beliefs are required for the energy balancing techniques to get results.
They work without sapping your life enery. You are not required to follow different spiritual belief system. You become a conduit of healing energy that is all around us. Your energy is unaffected. If your loved ones are in a similar condition as my dad, at least give it a try.

Everyone was encouraged by simple energy transferring techniques no hospital employee could question.
No one will be upset when you hold your loved one’s fingers, toes and hands. The nurses and therapists will be envious of your loved one when you massage their feet, hands and ears. These are powerful energy systems that when addressed, they can make a positive difference. Most patients desperately desire the healing touch of their loved ones.

Monday, the car nightmare began all over again.
Dad’s 1992 Toyota Camry had been sitting in the garage for a month. “It is time to take it out for a spin,” I thought, not wanting it to fall apart from lack of use. The drive to CompUSA in Claremont, was progressing just fine on the freeway. The off ramp was handled with aplomb. But, just as I came to the stop light, the car died.

“Is this ironic or what?”
The busy intersection at Mercury and Balboa streets was to dangerous to push the car anywhere. Again I was relegated to traffic cop status…directing all the cars wanting to turn left around the stalled vehicle.

I laughed out loud…not about to let fear, depression or anger ruin my day.
For one thing, the temperature was only 70 degrees…Hurray for San Diego coolness! Secondly, people smiled as I directed them around the stalled car. The drivers actually appreciated my public concern for preventing a traffic jam or possible accident.

“Had I died and gone to heaven?”
You bet! A 40 degree temperature difference was bliss. Nothing could prevent my rejoicing. After my previous trip across the desert, this was child’s play. I called 911. The police showed up in a couple of minutes. The officers kindly pushed my car across the intersection with lights blazing. The tow truck arrived a few minutes later. The car ended up at John Woods Auto Repair in Hillcrest…the shop we have been taking our cars for 20 years.

My walk down Washington Street to Pacific Coast Hwy was a real pleasure.
The bus arrived just as I did. The ride to Ocean Beach was only $2.10…a real bargain. The walk in San Diego’s phenomenally cool temperatures was a pleasure. It was truly incredible how everything seemed a minor annoyance after the huge trials and tribulations of the weekend. I guess it is all a matter of perspective and comparison.

The peace that goes beyond all understanding seems greater after each major crisis.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not volunteering for any more major trials or tribulations for at least a little while. God stretched me beyond the point of breaking. If I was left to my own devices, the trip could have been a life-ending tragedy.

My new joyful perspective was born of trials in the desert’s fiery furnace.
My bulletproof joy was the result of a stronger faith in God’s power to help me overcome anything that comes my way. “”I wonder what trials and tribulations God has in store for me next?”

Now that my faith was tested and strengthened it is time to share with you the secret supplements and health techniques that have proven invaluable over 40 years in my search for optimal health.

To Be Continued…