The Only Way To Kill a Zuranski Is With A Silver Bullet! by Ralph Zuranski

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How can two people survive so many catastrophic illnesses?
My sister Denise really nailed it. “Wow! I thought dad would never survive the surgery. Mom is like the ‘Energizer Bunny’ even though she has congestive heart failure. It is amazing she walked all that distance from the car to the hospital and back on Wednesday and Saturday to drop off dad and pick him up. It seems the only way to kill a Zuranski is with a silver bullet!”

The Zuranski/Brown families have to be genetic mutants to triumph over so many health problems with flying colors.
Prayers from so many people really created miracles for both my mom and dad. Few realize the power of the prayers and the positive thoughts of others. The medical profession is just now realizing that prayer and positive thoughts can help people heal faster and have fewer complications, even if they are on the other side of the planet. After sending out over 1000 emails to pray for my dad, I cannot even imagine how many wonderful people were praying and having positive thoughts for my dad.

Man, was dad ever happy to get home and lay in his bed with a nice warm electric blanket cranked up to full power.
Dad cried on the way home and told Janet and I how grateful he was that we were taking care of him and mom. His gratitude knows no bounds. In fact, he thought Janet deserved a strong dose of Vitamin W (wine) and me some Vitamin T (tequila) for our efforts. It took only a second to fully agree. Also, every one decided to forget cooking and indulge in a big bucket of “El Pollo Loco” chicken. I even snuck over to “Sees Candies” to get my mom a two pound box of soft-centered chocolates. It was definitely a great time to celebrate…delicious chicken, chocolate, wine and tequila in moderation.

I hope everyone has Blessed Christmas and a Great New Year. I would love to send everyone a Christmas card, but my time is limited and prayers for you, your family and friends is the most I can do right now. Thanks again for your prayers and positive thoughts.

The next part of the Zuranski original catastrophic health saga is below:
“Why do events often spiral out of control when our heart is breaking.” by Ralph Zuranski

My heart aches when I cannot be with my dad as he fights for survival.
Sometimes, promises we make conflict with reality. I promised Carl Galleti that I would run the speaker powerpoints and take photos at his Internet Marketing Super Conference in Las Vegas. I had to prepare June 15 and June 16 to do my job.

Mom’s birthday was on Wednesday, the day I had to fly to Las Vegas and my heart was breaking.
If only I could have celebrated this special day. We almost lost her 60 days ago, when she came down with pneumonia and congestive heart failure.

I love her so much that emotional conflict was at a maximum this entire day.
There is a huge problem with making a living. During this difficult time I want to spend as much time with my beloved parents as I can.

It could be their last days.
Because of the the importance of making a living, I may not be their to hold their hands and provide solace for their final moments..but I pray this is not the end of their days.

My day had to go into the more sophisticated hospital again to have the feeding tube adjusted.
The amount of pain and suffering is beyond belief….the twiligt zone of emotional pain. I am having such a hard time seeing dad plumbed with lines wandering off to different machines.

My agony at having to leave for the conference at this critical time tested my honor.
I had given my word to Carl and I needed to follow through. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done.

I saw dad for a few moments before I had to leave.
Luckily, he was able to sign mom’s birthday card. I left it on her bed just before the cab took me to the airport.

“If only, if only, if only?” keeps flashing through my mind.
I pray my dad will survive until I return from the conference. I work from 7 AM to midnight each day. Taking photos and running the computers is a time consuming and stressing job. With my dad suffering, it is everything I can do to focus.

Why is it that when people learn about my family crisis they tell me about the death and disabilities of their parents?
Their tales of woe make me cry for their suffering and mine. We are bonded by emotinal pain and fear about what will happen in the near future. My heart is with my mom and dad, but my body trapped in Las Vegas.

It really creates a ton of emotional conflict when I know I won’t be able to see dad and mom in the flesh until next week.
I have to fly back to Dallas after the conference. Exhausted totally will be my reality on Monday. 4-5 hours of sleep each night this week is not enough.

Time to put all of our possessions in storage and lives on hold.
I am not looking forward to packing all our possessions in the heat of a Dallas summer. The long, wild ride over 1500 miles, in the 100 degree summer heat without air-conditioning will be an experience.

I just pray dad will survive until then.
I wish the doctors were already using the critical healing and life saving devices I will be bringing with me back to San Diego. Why can not the conventional doctors and pharmaceutical companies be more open-minded and compassionate. The financial bottom line is not the most important thing in life.

Life is so frustrating when you can not help your loved ones when they are suffering.
When I get home, my first step will be to share with you all the things to keep you and your family members from going down this terrible trail. I will share all of Janet’s and my secrets about health, that we have learned from the pioneers of Alternative Medicine in the Hall Of Fame.

To Be Continued….