Ralph Zuranski Completes 6 Sets in the 100 Pushups Challenge to Reactivate the Holistic Health Guinea Pig Program

In this video, Ralph did set 1=30, set 2=19, set 3=16, set 4=16, set 5=16, and set 6=16. This was the most he has done yet. His physical biorhythm just crossed over the critical line into the output state and he felt strong. The results speak for themselves.

Ralph survived his 50th high school reunion. Now he is reactivating the Holistic Health Guinea Program he started in 1981 when he was the Director of Health Research for Family Fitness Centers in San Diego.

He discovered that too many family members and friends were suffering from chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and arthritis. Ralph is going to offer up his body as a research project to see how healthy he can become at 68 so he can encourage, inspire and coach those he loves to better health.

In his seventh week of working on the 100 Pushups Challenge, he decided that doing 100 perfect pushups at one time is not worth the time and energy required to achieve that goal, even if it is possible at 68. He decided that 50 perfect pushups is a great accomplishment for some one in his age bracket. Once he reaches that goal, then he will stop doing the 6 sets training program so he can divert some of the training time to other exercises.