Can Heroes Live To 150 Years Old?

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Babyboomer Heroes can definitely benefit from the knowledge gained through anti-aging research by Dave Kekich. Dave is one of the Health Heroes I interviewed in the In Search Of Heroes Program. He is a pioneer in longevity research. Click Here to hear and read his amazing interview.

Did you know bamboo is the fastest growing plant? Some species grow four feet in one day! Bamboo reaches full height in one growth spurt of about two months.

But don’t plant it today and expect a crop tomorrow. It grows very little for the first 4 years. But then, suddenly in the 5th year, plants grow 80-90 feet tall. It takes bamboo about three full years, in the ground, before the mother plants really take off. Most of the bamboo grove slowly builds up steam underground, where you don’t notice it.

That’s how life is in general, and I’ll show you how understanding this could be critical to your continued health.

“Overnight successes” usually burst on the scene after years and years of painstaking training, practice and education in anonymity. And it’s the same with research. MaxLife Solution is finally launching some amazing anti-aging nutraceuticals. It’s been over four years since the company was founded. And ten years of research preceded that. When the public will be saying “Oh wow!” management will be saying “At last!”

Here’s an even more dramatic example of an overnight success:

In 1980, Dr. Michael Rose began his quest for radical intervention in the aging process. Dr. Rose is an evolutionary biologist, and he has been able to increase the healthy lifespans of his lab animals by over 400%. Here it is, 34 years later, when we are finally able to turn his research into products that could enhance and extend your life.


“I expect to see this happen” says Dr. Gregory Benford, “because I’ll be living longer. Maybe even to 150, about 30 more years than any human is known to have lived.” (BTW, he is 73 years old now.)

“I expect this because I’ve worked on it, seen the consequences of genomics when applied to the complex problem of our aging.
Genomics now reveals how complex the pathology of aging really is. We can’t solve the aging problem using the standard research methods of cell biology, despite the great success such methods had with some other medical problems.”

He goes on to say how aging comes from multiple genetic deficiencies, not a single biochemical problem.

But now we have genomics to reveal all the genes in an organism. More, we can monitor how each and every one of them expresses in your body. He says the aging riddle is inherently genomic in scale. There is no biochemical or cellular necessity to aging-it arises from side effects of evolution, through natural selection. But this also means we can attack it by using directed evolution.

Dr. Rose has produced “Methuselah flies” that live over four times longer than control flies in the lab. He did this by not allowing their eggs to hatch, until half are dead, for hundreds of generations.

Methuselah flies are more robust, not less, and so resist stress. Methuselah flies genomics shows us densely overlapping pathways. Directed evolution uses these to enhance longevity. Since flies have about 73% of their genes in common with us and over 90% of their aging-related genes. This tells us much about our own pathways.

By finding substances that can enhance the action of those pathways, we have a 21st Century approach to aging. Such research is rapidly ongoing. The field is moving fast. And we are the first to tap into and optimize your genetic pathways using this breakthrough technology.

There seems no fundamental reason why we cannot live to 150 years or longer with vitality. After all, nature has done quite well on her own. We know of a 4,800-year-old bristlecone pine, a 400 year old clam-plus whales, a tortoise and koi fish over 200 years old-all without technology.
These organisms use pathways we share, and can now understand. As I have pointed out in the past, if you can live to 150… or a lot less long, researchers say the restrictions on open-ended lifespans will be off.

Overnight success technologies are perfect illustrations of why it’s so critical for you to preserve and extend your health now. As more and more of these breakthroughs explode on the scene after years of brain sweating research, the greater your chances are for using them to launch you to a limitless future. Big breakthroughs could be right around the corner, so increase your odds to see them.

The first person to live to 150 may be reading this right now, or it might have been written by that person.

More Life,
David Kekich

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