Kids Should Honor, Respect, Love and Cherish Their Parents Before They Are On Their Death Beds

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Response to Warrior Forum Johnson

Dear Johnson,

AMEN to all the great dads out there, especially on Fathers’ Day!

That is great to hear that your dad is your hero. We need more sons and daughters talking about the heroes our parents are and were.

WHY WAIT till they are dying or dead before we honor them or thank them or tell them we love them.

A lot of times we don’t realize just how much our dads and moms sacrificed for us while we are growing up. It is incredible to consider the costs of food, shelter, clothing and schooling, let alone goodies, sports equipment, technology and gadgets.

Patience is such an awesome blessing to kids while they are growing up. Living in a stressful world and raising a family, sometimes it is easier to shoot verbally from the hip first, ask questions later and let God sort them out.

Asking your kids’ forgiveness for your sins against them is one of the most difficult things in the world, but probably the most valuable of way of getting them to love and respect you more.

Your dad sounds like a saint. Biting your tongue and biding your time is a real gift developed over a long time of making mistakes that you learn from. Patience is born of love and being long-suffering.

In my own experience with the initial difficulties I had with my dad, things changed dramatically when I was able to totally forgive him for every perceived grievance and mistake while I was growing up. The change had to come from my heart first before he was allowed to be the kind, loving and compassionate person he was.

It was the darkness in my heart that forced him to act in a way I did not desire while I was growing up. My angry, resentful and hateful feelings for him forced him to act in a specific way that matched how I expected him to respond to me.

I am thankful our reconciliation occurred back in 1980 when I experienced the forgiveness of Jesus Christ for my sins…not on his death bed. One of my friends at that time, who shared the message of salvation with me, confronted me about my malignant relationship with my dad. He challenged me to forgive him just as Jesus forgave forgave me.

My dad and I had a wonderful, fulfilling relationship for over 28 years. It was one of my greatest joys to take care of him and my mom till the end. It was a transcendental experience to be holding their hands as they took their last breath.

take care,