Heroes Newspaper Articles

ISOH First newspaper article

The First “In Search Of Heroes” Article Published in the Coronado Eagle Newspaper in 1993

What is a Hero or Heroine? How does one arrive at this exalted position? According to “Big Brain,” my talking “Franklin Language Master,” the attributes are the same for both sexes. Heroes are individuals admired for their achievements and qualities. They especially demonstrate the courage to conquer fear or despair. Where are the Heroes of today, when the world needs them so desperately?

Are we the audience and the major news media equally responsible for the lack of publicity for Heroes? Have you ever wondered, “Why is there such a focus on traumatic, violent and frightening events?” Does a steady diet of this material perpetuate fear and despair?

Do we experience a vicarious thrill from the misfortune of others? Are our senses dulled, ethics corrupted and morals so jaded we require greater quantities of violence and shocking events to stimulate our interest? I still remember when one murder caused social outrage and community activism!

Too many people today are apprehensive, frightened by things beyond the edges of perception. They are afraid of many things. Riots, wars, terrorist acts and natural catastrophes are increasing in frequency and intensity.

Physical and emotional abuse, chronic diseases, financial failure affect every family to different degrees. The consequences of unremitting fear just don’t go away by themselves. The quality of life decreases dramatically when all hope is lost. Something positive must be done. A solution is to locate and publicize real-life Heroes in these fearful and perilous times.

The tremendous need for inspiration and positive role models increases exponentially with each horrific act and devastating event. Experts believe a factor of ten times as much positive stimulus is required to overcome one negative event.

How many people are desirous of reading and seeing uplifting articles about people triumphing over human trials, tribulations and misery? Are there any real-life Heroes laboring to help solve the immense social and environmental problems facing humanity?

I believe the answer is an emphatic yes! Heroes are everywhere! They are ordinary people determined to serve and help others; to make the world a better place. Daily, across the face of the earth, people willingly assist family members, friends, and strangers. They compassionately minister to the injured, poor and sick. They Help Enthusiastically, Responsibly, Optimistically, Exceptionally and Socially (HEROES), with no fanfare, demand for recognition or public acclaim. These humble people of every race demonstrate the loftiest qualities of humanity.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated, “It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” True unconditional love is helping and serving others without expectation of return. This is heroism at its most intimate and beneficial level. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Where there is love there is life…”

All societies need Heroes to rise up and be recognized. The light of their actions should be publicized by local television and print media. These extraordinary, ordinary people are an inspiration to others. They are a catalyst for beneficial change in their communities.

The time has come that people must concentrate on the good in each person, rather than the evil that plagues our world. Children and teenagers desperately need to learn about those who reach out and beneficially touch the lives of others and those less fortunate.

Victor Hugo once shared, “There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.” A group of individuals concerned about the minimal amount of media coverage for real-life Heroes are creating a “In Search Of Heroes Program” for teenagers. Ralph Zuranski, former Special Features writer for the “Coronado Eagle Newspaper,” is looking for promising young writers and journalism mentors for them to go out into their communities in search of local Heroes.

Just as “Superman” was accompanied by “Jimmy Olsen,” these cub reporters will help locate the Heroes, conduct the interview and contribute their thoughts and impressions. The finished product will then be submitted to newspapers, magazines, television stations and published on the In-Search-Of-Heroes website that is in the final developmental stages.

Hopefully, the news media will publish and broadcast these stories. The goals of the program will be to:

1.        Identify and praise local Heroes.

2.        Educate people about Heroes and heroic action.

3.        Inspire young people to want to become Heroes.

4.        Help young writers and photographers develop and perfect their writing skills.

5.        Receive published credit for their writing, art and photo contributions.

Extensive research has proven individuals often meet or exceed their own and other’s expectations. When children envision themselves as Heroes, heroic action is not far behind. Public recognition and concrete rewards for excellence are a wonderful incentive for young people. Every person can benefit by creating a Hero or Heroine within, to help them deal with the difficulties of life.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” The creators of the “In Search Of Heroes Program” have the desire to inspire young children to dream, to imagine themselves Heroes. These people are working hard to create vehicles for the dreams of teenagers to become reality. As in the book “Dune,” the dreamers must awaken. People need to believe they can make their dreams for global peace, joy, prosperity and love a universal experience. The heroic example of others is a prerequisite.

“I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know; the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.” Dr. Albert Schweitzer. If you want more information about the “In Search Of Heroes Program,” contact Ralph Zuranski: support@insearchofheroes.com “Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.” Demosthenes

Parents are heroes newspaper article

The Second “In Search Of Heroes” Article Published in the Coronado Eagle Newspaper in 1993: Parents Are Heroes!

Who are the real Heroes in society? What are the names of those that daily Help Enthusiastically, Responsibly, Optimistically (HERO)? After two weeks of living with a visiting thirteen year-old, the answer became readily apparent; all mothers and fathers!

My first attempt at surrogate parenting is completed. I now respect and admire all parents, especially single moms and dads, more than ever. They are truly the ultimate, unsung, and unnoticed Heroes.

How did I arrive at this conclusion, this realization of fact? Well, after 44 years of being single, I assumed I was ready to teach a young person about super nutrition, brain integration, exercise, stretching, two-handed tennis and creative writing.

I had spent many years preparing myself to teach a young person like David Ganong, the first Hero-In-Training, the most valuable things I had learned in 30 years of health research. Boy, was I in for a big surprise! I erroneously believed I could transform him into the ultimate teenage athlete and genius. Little did I realize my expectations were radically different than his desires and interests.

Where does adult idealism and high expectations end and the childhood reality begin? I recently discovered the answer. It ends during your first couple of days! Everything that can go wrong will! My high hopes, great expectations and idealism diminished quickly. I began to wonder how parents raise kids without going insane.

From the beginning things went other than planned. I waited for David at the wrong gate at the San Diego Airport. After the passengers emptied from the plane, a sick feeling arose in the pit of my stomach. “No David! What now? Do I have the airline and the flight number correct? Obviously not!”

I immediately checked with the agent. She searched for his name on all flights out of Boston. There was no listing. I wondered, “Am I getting old and senile or are his parents playing tricks?” I was looking for someone to blame.

Had I transcribed the wrong information or did they mistakenly give me incorrect data? Was this a test of my intestinal fortitude and ingenuity? I began to feel the stress building, the anxiety increasing.

After numerous pages and missed connections, David came up and grabbed my arm, as I desperately searched for a face barely remembered, one that had almost certainly changed in the last 5 years. He said, “Ralph, I am glad I found you. I recognized you because you look the same but your hair is a lot grayer.”

I thought sarcastically, “Fine, thanks a lot kid. You really know how to score points with someone, concerned about getting older.” I began to get upset but suddenly realized his statement was only childhood honesty. I was getting older, just as he was becoming a young man.

We started off on the wrong foot. Someone had blown the flight information, but everything worked out. He confessed being quite frightened after 90 minutes of searching for a familiar face. I was very relieved he had recognized mine, no matter how I had aged.

“Well David, what do you want to eat,” I asked enthusiastically. I had accumulated the most nutritious food; alfalfa, clover and sunflower seed sprouts, three types of lettuce, cabbage, carrots and squash and sprouted grain Essene bread. I was ready, willing and able to feed him fresh fruits and juices, slightly steamed vegetables, delicious brown rice, soy protein smoothies, fertile brown eggs, lean steak and fresh fish. “Whoa, was I mistaken!”

David quickly set me straight, “I hate fish. I eat cereal with milk for breakfast. I usually have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. Pizza and ice cream are my favorite foods. I don’t eat sprouts but like lettuce with Italian dressing! I like hamburgers and fries!”

I was stunned! I suddenly saw the big picture. I was learning fast about the nutritional battle that rages between kids that like junk food and parents that want them to eat healthy. His father, a medical doctor had counseled me long before David arrived, “Make sure he takes two acidophilus capsules in the morning, 40 minutes before eating. Give him two enzymes pills with every meal and two Super Blue Green Alpha and Omega Algae capsules at breakfast and lunch. Everything will be okay.”

Dr. Ganong told me, “The acidophilus keeps his intestines healthy and elimination normal. The enzymes help break down all foods. The Omegas are nerve and brain cell food. The Alphas provide all the micro-nutrients required to keep him healthy and energetic.”

This sounded good! I realized my only choice was to take the capsules also. If they helped a kid be healthy while eating what I considered junk food, perhaps they would help me survive a journey into the nightmare of “Junk Food Hell.”

One thing that really surprised me was how much children sleep. David worked overtime at the San Diego Comic Convention. He interviewed Jim Shooter, one of the most important people in the comic industry and head of “Defiant Comics” We were up until 11 PM every night and had to get up early.

I thought David would want to get up at 5 AM every morning to work out on the “Life Cycle,” “Stair Master,” and Dyna-Cam machines, stretch and learn to play two-handed tennis. Was I in for another shock; one workout and that was it! The exercise part of the program was suddenly history!

“Welcome to child reality versus adult expectations!” David needed lots of sleep. On most days, after the third time of telling him, “David, it’s time to get up,” I realized I was doing something wrong. With no response other than open glazed eyes, it occurred to me to ask, “Are you listening to me?” The blank stare was enough. It dawned on me he was sleeping with his eyes open.

I wondered, “How do kids do this? Is he deliberately trying to torment me?” I soon discovered the answer was no. The simple fact is, kids need more sleep than adults; so much for the physical conditioning and tennis lessons.

Another question I asked often is, “Why do kids need a new towel every time they take a shower? After all, their bodies are clean when they come out of the shower, aren’t they?” Theoretically, one towel should last at least a couple of weeks.

For all you concerned moms, yes, I did burn the midnight oil washing clothes and towels. David insisted on clean clothes every day. This was a real eye opener, changing under wear I can understand but different pants every day? This was a mystery. “Ralph, welcome to laundry reality!”

My respect for parents, especially single moms and dads, escalated to the Nth degree. “How do they keep their sanity, feed the kids, clean the house, wash the clothes and make a living all at the same time?” I was just barely competent at all four! I wondered, “Does daily practice make it any easier?”

After the four days at the comic convention, David slept one entire day. I was very impressed with his sleeping ability. I assumed he was really tired. I had learned my lesson. Let him sleep and get as much done as possible.

For two days, David transcribed his interview with Jim Shooter and filled out his contest entry form to be a “Good Guy” in the “Defiant Comic Contest “. David was very interested in winning the $1000 and royalty contract so he could buy a new CD-ROM drive for his MacIntosh computer. We made a lot of trips to computer stores to look at software and hardware. David and I had a running battle over which was best, Windows or MacIntosh based computers. After a few days, I didn’t really care anymore.

During his stay, David proved he was a real HERO. He taught Kelly McCormack at the “Coronado Fitness Center” how to use her computer. David helped interview CHS Water Polo Coach Randy Burgess. When he discovered the Coach had a software problem with his “Mac,” David volunteered to fixed it. Randy, his wife, daughter and new son were so grateful, they bought him dinner at “La Salsa.”

As a reward for his hard work and computer knowledge generosity, I decided take David in search of Heroes at the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Universal Studios, Disneyland and Magic Mountain. We worked together to make “Eagle” Press Credential Passes. David helped write and fax HIT proposals to the different theme park public relation departments.

After going to the Zoo and Sea World I was sick of amusement park rides. We needed another teenager to accompany David. I called my best friends Cindy and Ted Neale. Their 15 year old daughter Laura was interested in participating in the HIT Program. I was thrilled and relieved.

We traveled to Los Angles and stayed at the luxurious home of Bernie Kowalski, television producer of Magnum P.I., Air Wolf, Perry Mason, Knight Rider and Jake and the Fatman. Laura is his granddaughter and her parents were very gracious.

We visited Universal Studios, Disneyland and Magic Mountain. Laura and David enjoyed just about every ride and interviewed Heroes in the public relations department at Disneyland. They evaluated all the rides and compared the features of each park. (These interviews will appear in a future issue of the Eagle.)

The whirlwind tour was exhausting and humorous. I will have a special report on the perceptions of my two cub journalists, their ratings of the parks and rides and the funny situations that occurred. We all ate lots of junk food and ice cream.

After my two weeks of parenting I am compelled to say, “Parents I salute and admire you! How do you do it? I thank God for Super Blue Green Algae that makes you smart, keeps you healthy and gives you energy, enzymes that digest pizza (which we ate continuously), and acidophilus that prevented constipation.” Both David, Laura and I survived in style, became the best of friends, and learned to respect each other. Both David, Laura and I learned that becoming HEROES is not as simple as we thought.

I am thankful for the training I received and realizations experienced during the Heroes-In-Training Program. I have gained a greater appreciation and respect for young people and am beginning to understand parental responsibility.


Laura Good Guys Article Front page

The Third “In Search Of Heroes” Article Published in the Coronado Eagle Newspaper in 1993: Laura Neal Comic Book Heroine!

The sickening screech of tortured rubber against rough pavement startled early morning Los Angeles commuters and residents. The frightening sound was a forewarning of impending tragedy.

In the blink of an eye, the thunderous explosion of sound caused by two autos colliding announced the beginning of the ultimate, unthinkable, nightmare chain of events for an innocent family. The hearts of witnesses ached at the terrible sight before them.

Waves of anger and disbelief washed over the bystanders. People raced to aid of the seriously injured young girls. Strong arms imprisoned the drunk driver, as he attempted to run, blocking his escape.

Laura and Sarah Neale were on their way to school. Now they lay trapped in the twisted wreckage of their parents car. Both were screaming in pain, grief and disbelief. The irresponsible young man who caused the accident was too drunk to care; too inconsiderate to comprehend the devastating consequences of his drinking and driving.

The thoughtless actions of this drunk, uninsured driver, who was on probation, resulted in a tragedy of devastating proportions. The lives of the Neale family had been violated and brutalized at the deepest levels. They did not have “Uninsured Motorist Coverage” on the girl’s insurance policy. The guilty man would not pay one penny. The victims would be made to suffer even more. This was a cruel, unexpected financial blow.

Laura had been sitting on the top of the world. She was one of eight children chosen from thousands to appear in “Defiant’s Good Guys” comic book about the fictional lives of young super heroes.

Now this beautiful, kind, loving fifteen year old writhed in terrible pain. Her back was broken. The L1 vertebrae had disintegrated. The powerful shearing forces of the crash were beyond belief. Her sister Sarah’s elbow was crushed.

Their parents, Cindy and Ted were devastated by this unexpected, incomprehensible turn of events.  They suffered in agonized silence. They were unable to help Laura as she fought an intense battle against total paralysis, her body wracked by incredible pain.

As Laura lay immobilized in her hospital bed, Jim Shooter and the staff at “Defiant Comics” were stunned and dismayed by the bad news relayed by a grieving father. Each of the thousands of children entering the contest had found a special place in the hearts of the “Defiant” staff.

J. Clark Smith told me emotionally, “The children’s letters were so poignant. Many exposed the injured hearts of many young people brutalized by a viscous and cruel world.”

The eight contest winners had been adopted into the “Defiant” family.

Many prayed for Laura and desperately wished for her complete recovery. The staff immediately sent a large get-well card composed of the original cover artwork for the “Good Guys” and a gorgeous,  stuffed animal. This gesture was a magnificent display of their love and concern but it paled in comparison to the magnitude of the disaster.

The “Good Guys” kickoff promotion was only two weeks away. The big question was, “Would Laura survive the ten hours of dangerous surgery required to repair the severe trauma to her spine?” No one even considered the possibility she would be able to attend the function.

Laura’s spine required the fusing of three bones in her back. She would have three stainless steel rods in her spine forever. Bone fragments were surgically removed from her hip and rib to build a replacement vertebrae. All her organs were temporarily removed from the body cavity during the delicate surgery. Laura bravely fought for her life on the operating table; tenaciously clinging to the fleeting hope of a normal future.

During this long, horrible ordeal, Laura was given morphine to help control the unbelievable pain. Once she was released to go home, she could only take Tylenol. Other stronger pain killers made her sick.

Laura’s insides hurt terribly. They were bruised during the operation. She could hardly eat or hold down food. Laura was forced to begin walking and standing immediately. Most of the time was spent sitting in a wheel chair fighting the pain and trying to sleep.

Laura refused to become discouraged, bitter or angry. She decided to focus on good. Laura made up her mind that she would be there, on stage, when Jim Shooter introduced the eight “Good Guys” to the world. She knew that a lot of kids who read the “Good Guys” comic were expecting her character “Flex” to triumph over this tragic event.

November 27, the big day, arrived in a blur. Laura proved she possesses a special, heroic level of courage and determination. She survived the 60 minute drive to “Mile High Mega Comic Store” and stood on stage with the other children long enough to be introduced as a Good Guy. Then she sat bravely in her wheel chair for over an hour signing autographs for the adoring fans.

Everyone was so of proud Laura, especially her parents. The “Defiant” staff and fans were impressed and inspired by this girl’s strength, stamina, perseverance, fortitude and love. She is a true heroine, just like her character “Flex.”

Cindy, her mom, said joyfully, “It feels really good. I am just so happy that Laura is here. She has always been a good guy to me. Now she is a good guy to everyone. This contest has really helped. She lives day-by-day and hour-by-hour because of the accident. Today she has been able to go one step above.”

Ted Neale said gratefully, “It is very, very exciting as I stand here watching her enjoy being a celebrity for a little while. It is neat thing she is doing. I think she is a little awestruck at all this. It is kind of overwhelming. I just thank God she can be here. It is amazing how everything worked out. All I can say is that God is good.”

After working with and interviewing most of the “Defiant” staff over the last six months, I believe they are the moral leaders in the comic industry. They are dedicated, caring individuals producing quality stories. Their efforts to inspire young and old alike to live good, responsible lives are making the world a better place.

The “Good Guys” comic book and the ongoing contest to find new Heroes is transforming the minds, hearts and spirits of young people. They single-handedly are creating a grass roots movement designed to inspire young people to become real-life Heroes in their homes, schools and communities. It is about time someone caused people of all ages to discover and implement the human qualities and actions that make Heroes out of ordinary people.

Ruben Gonzalez Favorite Quotes

ruben_gonzalez_hero_book_cover (2)

“Motivational Quotes” by Ruben Gonzalez

“Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got a hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.”  George Bernard Shaw, 1856  1950, Irish  Born Writer

“Only those who can see the invisible, can accomplish the impossible!”  Patrick Snow, Author

“Formal education will make you a living; self  education will make you a fortune.”  Jim Rohn

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal.”  Henry Ford, 1863  1947, Founder of Ford Motor Company

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”  Zig Ziglar, Speaker and Author

“Keep on going and the chances are you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I have never heard of anyone stumbling on something sitting down.”  Charles F. Kettering, 1876  1958, Engineer and Inventor

“Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for time is the stuff life is made of.”  Benjamin Franklin

The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.  Ayn Rand

“To thine ownself be true!”  Shakespeare

“Some people are making such thorough preparation for rainy days that they aren’t enjoying today’s sunshine.”  William Feather, 1889  1981, Author and Publisher

“If the whole world followed you, would you be pleased with where you took it?”  Neale Donald Walsch, Author

“Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her. But once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game.”  Voltaire, 1694  1778, Historian and Writer

“I have made it a rule of my life never to regret and never to look back. Regret is an appalling waste of energy…you can’t build on it; it’s only good for wallowing in.”  Katherine Mansfield, 1888  1923, Writer

“What we call failure is not the falling down, but the staying down.”  Mary Pickford

“An optimist is someone who goes after Moby Dick in a rowboat and takes the tartar sauce with him.”  Zig Ziglar

“You will never be happier than you expect. To change your happiness, change your expectation.”  Bette Davis, 1908  1989, Oscar Award  Winning Actress

“He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes. He who does not ask a question remains a fool forever.”  Chinese proverb

“It is no sin to attempt and fail. The only sin is to not make the attempt.”  Suellen Fried, Author and Speaker

“Your mental attitude is something you can control outright and you must use self discipline until you create a positive mental attitude  your mental attitude attracts to you everything that makes you what you are.”  Napoleon Hill, 1883  1970, Author of “Think and Grow Rich”

“How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in life, you will have been all of these.”   George Washington Carver

“Until you are committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, ineffectiveness. It is true: the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves. All sorts of things begin to happen to help you that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from that decision, raising in your favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which you couldn’t have dreamt would come your way.

I have learned a deep respect for one of Goethe’s couplets, which bears repeating: “Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute. What you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”  W.H. Murray, Scottish Mountaineer

“People who say that life is not worthwhile are really saying that they themselves have no personal goals which are worthwhile…Get yourself a goal worth working for. Better still, get yourself a project…Always have something ahead of you to “look forward to”  to work for and to hope for.”   Maxwell Maltz

“Spectacular achievements are always preceded by unspectacular preparation.”   Roger Staubach

“Fear is nature’s warning to get busy.”   Henry Link

“If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain.”   Dolly Parton

“Success is 99% failure.”   Soichiro Honda

“Good enough never is.”   Debbi Fields

“See everything. Overlook a great deal. Improve a little.”   Pope John XXIII

“Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who put them into action are priceless.”   Unknown

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”   Gandhi

“If you hear a voice within you saying, “You are not a painter,” then by all means paint…and that voice will be silenced.”   Vincent Van Gough

“Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you.”   Frank Tyger

“When I do good, I feel good ;when I do bad, I feel bad, and that is my religion.”   Abraham Lincoln

“Spectacular achievements are always preceded by unspectacular preparation.”   Roger Staubach

“Character is not made in a crisis, it is only exhibited.”   Robert Freeman

“It’s alright to be Goliath, but always act like David.”   Phil Knight

“Wise people learn when they can. Fools learn when they must.”   Wellington

“Its not what you are that counts, but what people think you are.”  Joseph Kennedy, Billionaire

“What is morality” she asked. “Judgment to distinguish right and wrong, vision to see the truth, courage to act upon it, dedication to that which is good, integrity to stand by the good at any price.”  Ayn Rand

“The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting goals and achieving them. Even the most tedious chore will become endurable as you parade through each day convinced that every task, no matter how menial or boring, brings you closer to achieving your dreams.”  Og Mandino, 1923  1996, Author

You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence is not an event  it is a habit.”  Aristotle, 384  322 BC, Greek Philosopher and Scientist

“Be creative. Use unconventional thinking. And have the guts to carry it out.”  Lee Iaccoca, Automobile Executive and Author

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face…You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”  Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884  1962, Social Activist and Former First Lady

“Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously and never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop this picture!”  Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, 1898  1993, Author of “The Power of Positive Thinking” “Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity.”  Frank Leahy, 1908  1973, Award Winning Notre Dame Football Coach

“A positive attitude will not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.”  Herm Albright

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”  Maya Angelou, Author and Poet

Every achiever that I have ever met says, “My life turned around when I began to believe in me.”  Dr. Robert H. Schuller, Minister

“You will find yourself refreshed by the presence of cheerful people. Why not make earnest effort to confer that pleasure on others?…Half the battle is gained if you never allow yourself to say anything gloomy.”  Lydia M. Child, 1802  1880, U.S. Abolitionist and Writer

“Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so.”  Belva Davis, Award  Winning Journalist

“Even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievement.”  Henry Ford, 1863  1947, American Industrialist

“If you really want something, work hard, take advantage of opportunities, and never give up, you will find a way.”  Jane Goodall, Scientist and Researcher

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.”  Anatole France, 1844  1924, French Novelist

“Leaders are not born; they are made. And, they are made just like anything else  through hard work. And that is the price we’ll have to pay to achieve any goal.”  Vince Lombardi, 1913  1970, Hall of Fame Football Coach

“Goals: There is no telling what you can do when you get inspired by them. There is no telling what you can do when you believe in them. There is no telling what will happen when you act upon them.”  Jim Rohn, Author and Speaker

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”  Michael Jordan, Professional Basketball Player

“Unless you walk out into the unknown, the odds of making a profound difference in your life are pretty low.”  Tom Peters, Writer and Speaker

“Reduce your plan to writing… The moment you complete this, you will have definitely given concrete form to the intangible desire.”  Napoleon Hill, 1883  1970, Author of “Think And Grow Rich”

“You have to find something that you love enough to be able to take risks, jump over the hurdles and break through the brick walls that are always going to be placed in front of you. If you don’t have that kind of feeling for what it is you are doing, you’ll stop at the first giant hurdle.”  George Lucas, Film Director and Producer

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.”  Henry David Thoreau, 1817  1862, Writer and Philosopher

“Because its purpose is to create a customer, the business has two  and only two  functions: Marketing and Innovation. Marketing and Innovation produce results. All the rest are costs.”   Peter Drucker

“It is a process of diverting one’s scattered forces into one powerful channel.”   James Allen

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”   Peter Drucker

“The best kept secret in the global economy today is this: When your service is AWESOME you get so stinking rich you have to buy new bags to carry all the money home.”   Tom Peters

“Where you’ve been is not half as important as where you’re going.”  Anonymous

“Here is a simple but powerful rule … always give people more than they expect to get.”  Nelson Boswell

“The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”  Albert Einstein

“You don’t build it for yourself. You know what the people want and you build it for them.”  Walt Disney

“Enough about you … let’s hear about me.”  Cynthia Heimel

“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.”  Galileo

“I find it fascinating that most people plan their vacations with better care than they plan their lives. Perhaps that is because escape is easier than change.”  Jim Rohn, Author and Speaker

“The teacher, if indeed wise, doe not bid you to enter the house of their wisdom, but leads you to the threshold of your own mind.”  Kahil Gibran

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”  Anonymous

“You are searching for the magic key that will unlock the door to the source of power; and yet you have the key in your own hands, and you may use it the moment you learn to control your thoughts.”  Napoleon Hill

“Success  my nomination for the single most important ingredient is energy well directed.”  Louis Lundborg

“No great improvements in the lot of mankind are possible until a great change takes place in the fundamental constitution of their modes of thought.”  John Stuart Mill

“Any fact not facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure.”  Norman Vincent Peale

“The system works … if you work the system.”  Macrae Ross

The E Myth. Most entrepreneurs are merely technicians with an entrepreneurial seizure. Most entrepreneurs fail because you are working IN your business rather than ON your business.”  Michael Gerber

“It’s what you learn after you know everything that counts.”  John Wooden

“To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life.”  Robert Louis Stevenson

“Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I shall have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it, even if I may not have it at the beginning.”  Mahatma Gandhi, 1869  1948, Indian Nationalist Leader

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”  Walt Disney, 1901  1966, Cartoon Artist and Producer

“The more tranquil a man becomes, the greater is his success, his influence, his power for good. Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom.”  James Allen, 1864  1912, Author of “As A Man Thinketh”

“We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee.”  Marian Wright Edelman, Lobbyist on Behalf of Children

“Tell a person they are brave and you help them become so.”  Thomas Carlyle, 1795  1881, Philosopher and Author

“I do not want the peace that passeth understanding, I want the understanding which bringeth peace.”  Helen Keller

“I live by this credo: Have a little laugh at life and look around you for happiness instead of sadness. Laughter has always brought me out of unhappy situations. Even in your darkest moment, you usually can find something to laugh about if you try hard enough.”  Red Skelton, 1913  1997, Comedian

“Few things help an individual more than to place responsibility upon them and to let them know that you trust them.”  Booker T. Washington, 1856  1915, Educator and Writer

“If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him, for an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”  Joseph E. O’Donnell

“I try to learn from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present. That’s where the fun is.”  Donald Trump, Real Estate Investor and Author

“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes but they never quit.”  Conrad Hilton, 1887  1979, Hotel Executive

“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”  Bill Cosby, Actor and Comedian

“Make each day useful and cheerful and prove that you know the worth of time by employing it well. Then youth will be happy, old age without regret and life a beautiful success.”  Louisa May Alcott, 1832  1888, Author

“If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in the dark with a mosquito.”  Author Unknown

“There is no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love; there’s only a scarcity of resolve to make it happen.”  Wayne Dyer, Psychotherapist and Writer

“Everyone wants to be appreciated, so if you appreciate someone, don’t keep it a secret.”  Mary Kay Ash, 1915  2001, Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics

“You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call ‘failure’ is not the falling down, but the staying down.”  Mary Pickford, 1893  1979, Actress and Producer

“We can’t fear the past. Fear is a future thing. And since the future’s all in our heads, fear must be a head thing.”  Tom Payne, Career Development Expert

“Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what the are.”  Malcolm Forbes

“I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. I will not refuse to do the something I can do.”  Helen Keller, 1880  1968, Author and Lecturer

“Continuous effort  not strength or intelligence  is the key to unlocking our potential.”  Sir Winston Churchill, 1874  1965, Former British Prime Minister

“Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities  always see them, for they’re always there.”  Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, 1898 – 1993, Author of “The Power of Positive Thinking”

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right  for you’ll be criticized anyway.”  Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884  1962, Former First Lady

“Shoulda, coulda, and woulda won’t get it done. In attacking adversity, only a positive attitude, alertness, and regrouping to basics can launch a comeback.”  Pat Riley, Legendary Basketball Coach

“Honesty, good intentions and industry, you will have of course. Without these your career would soon end with the loss of your good name. But you must be ambitious to be a good deal more.” Webb Hayes, his son, went on to found what had become the Union Carbide Corporation.”  Rutherford B. Hayes

“The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it.”  John Ruskin, 1819  1900, British Artist and Author

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.”  Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1882  1945, Former American President

“My mother taught me very early to believe I could achieve any accomplishment I wanted to. The first was to walk without braces.”  Wilma Rudolph, 1940  1994, Winner of 3 Gold Medals in running events at the 1960 Summer Olympics

“The harder I worked, the luckier I got.”  Sid Friedman CLU, MSFS, RHU, ChFC, LUTCF

“All the gold in the world cannot buy a dying man one more breath. So, what does that make today worth?”  Og Mandino, 1923  1996, Author and Speaker

“It is easier to do a job right than to explain why you didn’t.”  Martin Van Buren, 1782  1862, 8th U.S. President

“Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.”  Sally Koch

“The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts. Think only on those things that are in line with your principles and can bear the light of day. The content of your character is your choice. Day by day, what you do is who you become. Your integrity is your destiny  it is the light that guides your way.”   Heraclitus, 535  475 BC, Greek Philosopher

“The better I get, the more I realize how much better I can get.”  Martina Navratilova

“The key to success is for you to make a habit throughout your life of doing the things you fear.”  Brian Tracy, Speaker

“You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind.”  Dale Carnegie, 1888  1955, Speaker and Author

“Life is like a great big grinding wheel. Whether it wears you down or polishes you up depends on what you’re made of.”  Author Unknown

“Every new day begins with possibilities. It’s up to us to fill it with

the things that move us toward progress and peace.”  Ronald Reagan, Former President of the United States

“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”  William Faulkner, 1897  1962, Novelist

“If people only knew how hard I work to gain my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all.”  Michelangelo Buonarroti, 1475  1564, Artist

“When we see ourselves in a situation which must be endured and gone through, it is best to make up our minds to it, meet it with firmness, and accommodate everything to it in the best way practicable. This lessens the evil, while fretting and fuming only serves to increase your own torments.”  Thomas Jefferson, 1743  1826, 3rd U.S. President

“Why not go out on a limb? Isn’t that where the fruit is?”  Frank Scully

“If Columbus had turned back, no one would have blamed him. Of course, no one would have remembered him either.”  Source Unknown

“I will listen to anyone’s convictions, but please keep your doubts to yourself.”  Goethe

Let Us Keep Christmas: “Whatever else be lost among the years, Let us keep Christmas still a shining thing; Whatever doubts assail us, or what fears, Let us hold close one day, remembering. It’s poignant meaning for the hearts of men. Let us get back our childlike faith again.”  Grace Noll Crowell, 1877  1969, Poet

“There is no passion to be found playing small  in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”  Nelson Mandela, Former Prime Minister of South Africa

“Everyone who has ever taken a shower has had an idea. It’s the person who gets out of the shower, dries off, and does something about it that makes a difference.”  Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari

“Determination and perseverance move the world; thinking that others will do it for you is a sure way to fail.”  Marva Collins, Educator

“You look at any giant corporation, and I mean the biggies, and they all started with a guy with an idea, doing it well.”  Irvine Robbins, Co  Founder of Baskin  Robbins Ice Cream

“Goals give you more than a reason to get up in the morning; they are an incentive to keep you going all day. Goals tend to tap the deeper resources and draw the best out of life.”  Harvey Mackay, Author and Speaker

“When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.”  Wayne Dyer, Psychotherapist, Author and Speaker

“The deeds you do today may be the only sermon some people will hear today.”  St. Francis of Assisi, 1182  1226, Italian Preacher

“Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.”  George Halas, 1895  1983, Pro Football Coach

“Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream of things that never were and say why not.”  John F. Kennedy, 1917  1963, Former U.S. President

“If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write things worth reading or do things worth writing.”  Benjamin Franklin, 1706  1790, US Statesman and Scientist

“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.”  Arthur Ashe, 1943  1993, Professional Tennis Player

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”  Japanese Proverb

“The game of life is the game of boomerangs. Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us sooner or later, with astounding accuracy.”  Florence Shinn, 1871  1940, Writer

“The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything… they make the best of everything…”  Anon

“The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.”  John Sculley, Business Executive

“Believe it can be done. When you believe something can be done, really believe, your mind will find the ways to do it. Believing a solution paves the way to solution.”  Dr. David Schwartz, Author of “The Magic of Thinking Big”

“Maturity begins when we’re content to feel we’re right about something, without feeling the necessity to prove someone else is wrong.”  Sydney J. Harris, 1917  1986, Syndicated Columnist

“You don’t have to be a fantastic hero to do certain things  to compete. You can be just an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated to reach challenging goals.”  Sir Edmund Hillary, Mountaineer and Explorer

“The majority of men meet with failure because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those which fail.”  Napoleon Hill, 1883  1970, Author

“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.”  John Quincy Adams, 1767  1848, 6th U.S. President

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”  Martin Luther King, Jr., 1929  1968, Civil Rights Leader

“You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind.”  Mahatma Gandhi, 1869  1948, Indian Political and Spiritual Leader

“Success is about who you are, not what you have. Successful people work to discover their talents, to develop those talents, and then to use those talents to benefit others as well as themselves.”  Tom Morris, Author and Speaker

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”  Mark Twain, 1835  1910, Writer

“When one door closes another one opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”  Alexander Graham Bell, 1847  1922, Inventor and Teacher of the Deaf

“A positive attitude is perhaps more important at home than anywhere else. As spouses and parents, one of our most vital roles is to help those we love feel good about themselves.”  Keith Harrell, Speaker and Author

“No person was ever honored for what they received. Honor has been the reward for what they gave.”  Calvin Coolidge, 1872  1933, Former President of the United States

“The greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not our circumstances.”  Martha Washington, 1731  1802, Former First Lady

“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.”  Vince Lombardi, 1913  1970, Championship Winning Football Coach

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”  Albert Einstein, 1879  1955, Physicist and Nobel Laureate

“All of the great achievers of the past have been visionary figures; they were men and women who projected into the future. They thought of what could be, rather than what already was, and then they moved themselves into action, to bring these things into fruition.”  Bob Proctor, Speaker and Author
“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them to become what they are capable of being.”  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749  1832, German Poet and Novelist

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”  Japanese Proverb

“Being defeated is only a temporary condition; giving up is what makes it permanent.”  Marilyn vos Savant, Author and Advice Columnist

“It doesn’t matter how strong your opinions are. If you don’t use your power for positive change, you are, indeed, part of the problem.”  Coretta Scott King, Reformer

“The future depends on what we do in the present.”  Mahatma Gandhi

“Everything works out right in the end. If things are not working right, it isn’t the end yet. Don’t let it bother you, relax and keep on going.”  Michael C. Muhammad

“I have often been afraid, but I would not give in to it. I made myself act as though I was not afraid and gradually my fear disappeared.”  Theodore Roosevelt, 1858  1919, Former American President

“Make the most of today. Translate your good intentions into actual deeds.”  Grenville Kleiser, 1868  1953, Writer

“One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.”  Elbert Hubbard, 1856  1915, Author and Publisher

“What we do today, right now, will have an accumulated effect on all our tomorrows.”  Alexandra Stoddard, Author and Speaker

“Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

“When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, never give up then, for that is just the time that the tide will turn.”  Harriet Beecher Stowe, 1811  1896, Writer and Abolitionist

“Within you right now is the power to do things you never dreamed possible. This power becomes available to you just as soon as you can change your beliefs.”  Dr. Maxwell Maltz, 1899  1975, Author

“Life is like riding a bike. It is impossible to maintain your balance while standing still.”  Linda Brakeall, Author of “Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Women in Business”

“Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.”   Cherokee Proverb

“The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by obvious realities. We need men and women who can dream of things that never were.”  John F. Kennedy, 1917  1963, Former American President

“We should give as we would receive, cheerfully, quickly, and without hesitation; for there is no grace in a benefit that sticks to the fingers.”  Seneca, 4 BC  65 AD, Roman Philosopher

“In visualizing, or making a mental picture you are not endeavoring to change the laws of nature. You are fulfilling them.”  Genevieve Behren

“Being is central, and Being is now. The fulfillment of your life is not going to happen through anything. The outer activities in your life are secondary. What is Primary is Being.”  Eckhart Tolle

“Think positively and masterfully, with confidence and faith, and life becomes more secure, more fraught with action, richer in achievement and experience.”  Eddie Rickenbacker, 1890  1973, Decorated Aviator and Businessman

“Any man’s life will be filled with constant and unexpected encouragement if he makes up his mind to do his level best each day.”  Booker T. Washington, 1856  1915, Educator and Author

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”  Albert Einstein, 1879  1955, Physicist

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”  Will Rogers

“Rich dad said it this way, ‘Big people have big dreams and small people have small dreams. If you want to change who you are, begin by changing the size of your dreams.'”  Robert Kiyosaki, Author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

“Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second. Give your dreams all you’ve got and you’ll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you.”  William James, 1842  1910, Psychologist and Author

“Other people’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.”  Les Brown, Speaker and Author

“If you want to be a writer  stop talking about it and sit down and write! That applies to anything in life.”   Jackie Collins, Top Selling Novelist

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Actor

“An invincible determination can accomplish almost anything and in this lies the great distinction between great men and little men.”  Thomas Fuller, 1608  1661, British Clergyman and Author

“I skate where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”  Wayne Gretzky, Professional Hockey Player

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”  Dolly Parton, Singer

“We will receive not what we idly wish for but what we justly earn. Our rewards will always be in exact proportion to our service.”  Earl Nightingale, 1922  1989, Author and Syndicated Radio Show Host

“I have had dreams, and I have had nightmares. I overcame the nightmares because of my dreams.”  Dr. Jonas Salk, 1914  1995, Developed Polio Vaccine

“Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.”  Harriet Beecher Stowe, 1811  1896, American Writer

“Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure.”  Norman Vincent Peale, 1898  1993, Author of “The Power of Positive Thinking”

“You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love.”  Henry Drummond, 1851  1897, Scientist, Evangelist, Author

“The man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd.”  James Crook

“If you are never scared, embarrassed or hurt, it means you never take chances.”  Julia Soul, Actress

“It’s not what you say, but how you say it!”  Mae West

“Each experience through which we pass operates ultimately for our good. This is a correct attitude to adopt and we must be able to see it in that light.”  Raymond Holliwell, Writer

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”  Walt Disney, 1901  1966, Cartoon Artist and Filmmaker

“The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.”  Roger Bannister, Physician and first athlete to break the 4  minute mile

“Products are made in the factory; brands are created in the mind.”  Walter Landor

“God answers Knee  Mail!”  8 year old

“Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self  esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.”  Sam Walton, 1918  1992, Founder of Wal  Mart

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”  Albert Einstein

“What do I think about when I strike out? I think about hitting home runs.”  Babe Ruth, “Hall of Fame” Baseball Player

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884  1962, Former First Lady

“People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.”  Norman Vincent Peale, 1898  1993, Speaker and Author

“My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.”  Oprah Winfrey

“When you run a race, you hurt your ability to compete when you turn your head to look at the competition chasing you, you lose a step physically and psychologically. Run the race always stretching to do your best, imitations will come in last, no one can catch an original.”  Oprah Winfrey

“Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.”  Mahatma Gandhi, 1869  1948, Indian Political Leader

“It’s not what you are that counts, but what people think you are.”  Joseph Kennedy

“Opportunity always involves some risk. You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first!”  Joseph Heller

“If you approach life with a sense of possibility and the expectation of positive results, you’re more likely to have a life in which possibilities are realized and results are positive.”  Lisa Funderburg

“Often the difference between a successful man and a failure is not one’s better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on his ideas, to take a calculated risk and to act.”  Dr. Maxwell Maltz, Author of “Psycho  Cybernetics”

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.

“One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”  Oliver Wendell Holmes

“A human being experiences himself, his thoughts, and his feelings as something separate from the rest (of the universe)  a kind of optical delusion of consciousness.”  Albert Einstein

“Most companies tend to equate branding with the company’s marketing. Design a new marketing campaign and, voila, you’re on course. They are wrong. The task is much bigger. It is about fulfilling our potential … not about a new logo, no matter how clever. WHAT IS MY MISSION IN LIFE? WHAT DO I WANT TO CONVEY TO PEOPLE? HOW DO I MAKE SURE THAT WHAT I HAVE TO OFFER THE WORLD IS ACTUALLY UNIQUE? The brand has to give of itself, the company has to give of itself, the management has to give of itself. To put it bluntly, it is a matter of whether  or not  you want to be … UNIQUE … NOW.”  Jesper Kunde, A Unique Moment

“Experiences are as distinct from services as services are from goods.” “To succeed in sales, simply talk to lots of people every day. And here’s what’s exciting  there are lots of people!”  Jim Rohn

“Today’s worries may become tomorrow’s priceless experiences.”  Napoleon Hill

“Loud threats often indicate deep fears!”  Napoleon Hill

“They can because they think they can (The Aeneid).”  Virgil

“You grow up the day you have your first real laugh at yourself.”  Ethel Barrymore, 1879  1959, Academy Award Winning Actress

“In sales there are going to be times when you can’t make everyone happy. Don’t expect to and you won’t be disappointed. Just do your best for each client in each situation as it arises. Then, learn from each situation how to do it better the next time.”  Tom Hopkins

“Study and, in general, the pursuit of truth and beauty is the sphere in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.” “Study and, in general, the pursuit of truth and beauty is the sphere in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.”  Albert Einstein

“There are some things you don’t have to know how it works  only that it works. While some people are studying the roots, others are picking the fruit. It just depends on “Dare to be what you ought to be; dare to be what you dream to be; dare to be the finest you can be. The more you dare, the surer you will be of gaining just what you dare!”  Norman Vincent Peale

“Which end of this you want to get in on.”  Jim Rohn

“I’ve never met a person, I don’t care what his condition, in whom I could not see possibilities. I don’t care how much a man may consider himself a failure, I believe in him, for he can change the thing that is wrong in his life anytime he is prepared and ready to do it. Whenever he develops the desire, he can take away from his life the thing that is defeating it. The capacity for reformation and change lies within.”  Rev. Dr. Preston Bradley

“Success is something you attract by the person you become.”  Jim Roan

“We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.”  Robert Louis Stevenson

“People do not lack strength; they lack will.”  Victor Hugo

“Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.”  Earl Nightingale

“Success is a journey, not a destination. It requires constant effort, vigilance and reevaluation.”  Mark Twain

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.”  William James

“You must be single  minded. Drive for one thing on which you have decided.”  George S. Patton

“Profits are Better than Wages”  Jim Rohn

“Our business in life is not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of ourselves  to break our own records, to outstrip our yesterday by our today.”  Stewart B. Johnson

“Every man dies. Not every man truly lives.”  Braveheart

“Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution. If you don’t have any problems, you don’t get any seeds…”  Norman Vincent Peale

“We can secure other people’s approval, if we do it right and try hard; but our own is worth a hundred of it.”  Mark Twain

“Praise works with only three types of people; men, women, and children.”  Anonymous

“The world is a great mirror. It reflects back to you what you are. If you are loving, if you are friendly, if you are helpful, the world will prove loving and friendly and helpful to you. The world is what you are.”  Thomas Dreier, Author

“Reinforce what you want to see repeated: What gets rewarded gets done.”  Brian Tracy

“When someone does something well, applaud! You will make two people happy.”  Samuel Goldwyn

“Every memorable act in the history of the world is a triumph of enthusiasm. Nothing great was ever achieved without it because it gives any challenge or any occupation, no matter how frightening or difficult, a new meaning. Without enthusiasm you are doomed to a life of mediocrity but with it you can accomplish miracles.”  Og Mandino, 1923  1996, Speaker and Author

“I believe that we are solely responsible for our choices, and we have to accept the consequences of every deed, word, and thought throughout our lifetime.”  Elizabeth Kubler  Ross. Author


“Be kind and merciful. Let no one ever come to you without coming away better and happier.”  Mother Theresa

“Kind words and good deeds are eternal. You never know where their influence will end.”  H. Jackson Browne

“My own experience and development deepen everyday my conviction that our moral progress may be measured by the degree in which we sympathize with individual suffering and individual joy.”  T. S. Eliot

“I expect to pass through this life but once. If, therefore there can be any kindness I can show or any good thing I can do for any fellow being let me do it now…as I shall not pass this way again.”  William Penn

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”  Mahatma Gandhi, 1869  1948, Indian Political Leader


I have all of employees to come in early each morning while he was alive, point at their temples and recite, “My imagination creates my reality.”  Walt Disney

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”  Albert Einstein

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.”  Mark Twain

“Age is only a number, a cipher for the records. A man can’t retire his experience. He must use it. Experience achieves more with less energy and time.”  Unknown

“Make a list of 200 prestigious, influential, and powerful people with whom you want to work, play, grow and do business.”  Mark Victor Hansen

“It’s not who you know. It’s how well you maintain your Rolodex(R).”  Patricia Fripp

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”  Count Leo Tolstoy

“Your business and results are a reflection of you. Your business and results will grow in direct proportion to your own growth.”  James A. Ray

“Invest the first hour of the day, the ‘Golden Hour,’ in yourself.”  Brian Tracy

“What you become directly influences what you get.”  Jim Rohn

“Keep in mind that you are always saying ‘no’ to something. If it isn’t to the apparent, urgent things in your life, it is probably to the most fundamental, highly important things. Even when the urgent is good, the good can keep you from your best, keep you from your unique contribution, if you let it.”  Stephen Covey

“Learn how to separate the majors and the minors. A lot of people don’t do well simply because they major in minor things.”  Jim Rohn

“To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life; and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right.”  Confucius

“Happiness is to be found along the way, not at the end of the road, for then the journey is over and it is too late. Today, this hour, this minute is the day, the hour, the minute for each of us to sense the fact that life is good, with all of its trials and troubles, and perhaps more interesting because of them.”  Robert R. Updegraff, Author of “Be Thankful For Your Troubles”

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