"Eulogy For Winifred Zuranski Who Died April 16, 2007 After Fighting Congestive Heart Failure For 3 Years" by Ralph Zuranski

What is appropriate to say about my mom after she dies and moves on to her great rewards in heaven. It is difficult to honor Winifred Zuranski as one of the major heroes in my life, who inspired me to create the “In Search Of Heroes Program” to encourage children to realize the true heroes are their parents and grandparents.

Words cannot express my gratitude and love. Her continued moral and financial support, encouragement and generosity over the last 60 years for her husband, three children, Denise, Sue and Ralph and three grandchildren, Tess, Tracy and Mikele, was simply amazing. After all, any woman that could stand being a good wife, caring mom and outstanding grandma for so many years deserves to go straight to heaven.

Winifred Zuranski passed away on April 16, 2007 at 5:12 PM. I had the unique opportunity to work with nurse Nancy, one of the dedicated hospice workers, to change her diaper, clean her body with a warm washcloth, and clear her mouth as much as possible of the mucous that streamed from her lungs in a never-ending flow.

Congestive heart failure, in its final stage is not a pretty sight. My mom did everything she could to survive as long as possible, but in the end, 90 years of living produced the final verdict… death by asphyxiation. She was a fighter and never gave up. Even in the end she struggled to take one last breath.

I would’ve bet dimes to dollars neither my dad or mom would live to see the new year…2007. Both my mom and dad went on hospice, about six months ago, because the doctor realized they were nearing the end of their lives. The emergency room doctors and nurses and hospice workers, chaplains, bath ladies and house cleaners have been a godsend. Their kind and compassionate care for my mom and dad in their final days has been exceptional. Their concern and support for my wife and myself has been priceless. “All the people involved with hospice are saints!!!!!!

Everyone who met Winifred loved her because she was always ready to listen and provide encouragement. She will be remembered by all as one of the special people you met who cheered your day and left you with a warm feeling in your heart.

We will all miss her but know her suffering is ended. Winnie is now in heaven enjoying her new glorified body with no pain or tears. She is waiting there to greet you when you arrive with a welcoming smile and a loving kiss on your cheek.

You are cordially invited to share one last champagne toast and light meal with her loving son Ralph William and beloved spouse Ralph Casmir Zuranski to celebrate her peaceful passing and final report card, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”