In Search Of Heroes Home Study Course Coming Soon

The Discussion of Who Heroes Are and How People Become Heroes Is Enlightening For Those With the Courage To Live Heroic Lives and Help Their Kids Become Heroes At A Early Age.

There are many definitions of heroes and heroism through out history. Hero Substitution, Hero Formulation and Hero Identification are an integral part of the “Heroes Journey” gloriously defined by Joseph Campbell in his books “The Power of Myth” and “The Hero With A Thousand Faces.”

If you look back through the history of television and movies until now, you see a radical transformation in the definition of heroes, heroines and heroism. Up until the era of political correctness, there was a clear distinction and dividing line between good and evil, sinners and saints, heroes and villains. Heroes and Heroines were the good guys with a few minor personality quirks and weaknesses.

Most heroes were men, who were willing to sacrifice their lives to save women, children and their society. These heroes were blessed by the gods and goddesses as the sacrificial lambs of the society…the protectors and saviors who were willing to battle all enemies to the death. Depending on their strength, courage, intelligence skills and blessings of the gods and goddeses, they were victorious but eventually suffered a glorious death.

They were rewarded with fame, wealth and the opportunity to have sex with the most beautiful and powerful women, despite their original social status. They received massive rewards because of their huge contribution to the safety and security of the women and children.

Since they were the strongest and most skilled warriors, the society benefited from this sanctioned form of selective breeding…matching up the strongest, most beautiful and intelligent men and women to provide a superior breed of citizen. Survival of the society was the ultimate goal that sanctified the death of as many men as required to insure safety, security, peace and prosperity.

Most of the heroes in TV and movies followed this paradigm up until the political correctness of the 1990s, fought the bad guys and won the most beautiful damsel in distress. It was implied they lived happily ever after , had lots of beautiful, strong and smart kids who were willing to give their lives in war to be the saviors of their society. Some examples are Superman, Batman, Robin, Flash Gordon, Wonder Woman, and Bionic Woman.

A trend appeared in the 1990s that glorified the anti-hero, who was torn between evil and good. They were tortured souls who vacillated between manifesting their evil and good personalities.In most cases, they eventually did the right thing because they benefited personally or still had an ounce of good.

As the famous, talented, actor, Gregory Alan Williams, author of the book “A Gathering of Heroes” about peoples’ actions during the LA Riots in 1992 and star of “Bay Watch” made a profound statement during his 1993 “In Search Of Heroes Program” interview by High School journalist Dan Mader, when he was recognized as a real-life hero. He said, “There is a little bit of good in the worst of us and a little bit of bad in the best of us.”

The anti-heroes often loathed society and looked at citizens as victims and losers, worthy of nothing but their miserable existence. A good example is the Punisher and Spawn. Darker versions of Batman, Superman, and Spiderman, their evil persona were explored in the story lines in the movies and comic books…the thesis and anti-thesis.

There have recently been numerous movies and TV programs where average citizens receive miraculous powers through extraterrestrial influences, paranormal intervention or scientific experiments run amok. Some of my favorites are the HEROES, Chuck and Terminator TV series. These are perfect examples of Hero substitution, formation and identification.

I also love the comic book Super Heroes sagas like the X-Men, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Ghost Rider, Wonder Woman, Hellboy, Flash Gordon, Electra, Terminator, Predator and Aliens. As we watch the heroes deal with their weaknesses and strengths we get a real glimpse into the battle that rages within our own souls for supremacy…good or evil, hero or villian, sinner or saint, life or death.

Parents, grandparents, educators and children need to know how the human brain, hormonal system, biochemistry and learning methods are radically different for boys and girls. They are hard-wired into the genetic code.

When adults accept the truth and respond appropriately, each child can be a genius. Teaching methods should make learning fun.

Left brain hemisphere teaching: linear, logic, math and verbal skills have too long dominated. We must return to past teaching methods that incorporated the incredible powers of the right brain hemisphere: creativity, spontaneity, colors, music, imagination. When we integrate kids’ brains, astounding success will replace the miserable failure of the current teaching methods and philosophy.

When students learn the secrets of success in Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich”, schooling time can be cut in half.

Super-learning Mind-Maps, graphic slide shows and music enhance learning and speed action. After interviewing over 40 leaders in internet marketing and copywriting, Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich,” is the one book that was credited the most in helping them achieve the correct wealth consciousness mindset.

Napoleon said that Andrew Carnegie believed that if his secrets were taught in all public schools and colleges that it would so revolutionize the entire educational system that schooling time could be cut in half. For this reason I have chosen “Think and Grow Rich” as the primary training program for young people in my “In Search Of Heroes” program.

I have converted the public domain copy into a super-learning format that appeals to both boys and girls. I created mind-maps, powerpoints with super-leaning music and Microsoft word outlines and text in no more than 5 word columns to speed reading and increase comprehension.

Hopefully, every family and community will read each section and create their own family and community Master Mind group that is such a critical part of Andrew Carnegie’s model to transform society by helping every person understand how to accumulate wealth and achieve their dreams.

After reading his original work, I felt it was important to edit his public domain copy so it appealed to boys and girls. The original was apparently written to men specifically. With the huge impact women have on the family and society, there is good reason girls learn the secrets of wealth accumulation also at an early age.

If we as a society hope to solve many of the social problems, we will need boys and girls, men and women working together rather than at war with each other.

The beginning of wisdom is when each person can discover their own hero in their own minds and integrate their right and left brain hemispheres and female and male natures into a cohesive whole that can accomplish anything a person chooses.